Practice areas

Marriage and agreements, civil partnerships, common law spouses, divorces, separations, collaborative law, domestic violence, child custody and visitation, alimony, donations, successions, parentage, adoption, protection of minors, protection of the vulnerable, criminal family law (victims of physical violence, sexual violence, psychological violence), name and surname change, grandparent visitation...

International Family Law

International marriages and agreements, international divorces and separations, enforcement of foreign orders and judgments, international child relocation, international child abductions,  international adoptions, medically assisted procreation...

Maud Coudrais is an International Family Lawyer in Paris for divorces, alimony, child custody and abduction, successions...

Maud Coudrais has practiced law since 2001 and she founded her own law firm dedicated to family law in 2005.

Working as a sole practitioner, she is an expert in the field of both French and International family law.
She offers advise on all aspects of marriage, civil partnerships and  prenuptial agreements.

In addition she has handled many cases regarding patrimonial family law, including donations,  and successions.

She works on behalf of clients in divorce and separation proceedings, child custody and visitation rights, alimony, international child relocation and abduction.

She has assisted victims of domestic violence (e.g physical and psychological violence, sexual assault, harassment), before the family judge in order to obtain urgent protection measures,  and in criminal courts to claim compensation.

She  also deals with all the issues which might arise about parentage and adoption,  child protection and legal protection for the vulnerable.

Maud Coudrais prides herself on listening attentively to her clients, treating them all as individuals, tailoring advice to their particular needs, being aware of all the potential consequences.

She has trained in collaborative law, a process for resolving family disputes through negotiation to reach out of court settlements.

When circumstances allow it, she favors alternative dispute resolution methods. Should the need arise, she can rely on range of trusted colleagues, particularly in Italy, either to implement domestic  laws of the jurisdiction in question or to intervene directly before the courts of the country concerned.