The firm's fees are fixed in full transparency with the client, in accordance with the ethical rules governing the legal profession.
The charge for an initial consultation is 360 € V.A.T. included (300 € without V.A.T. - no V.A.T. for non-EU country resident).
Should the client wish to entrust his/her case to Maud after this first appointment, a proposed fee agreement will be forwarded before any further work is undertaken.

Two options can be offered:

In accordance with the provisions of article 11.2 of the National Internal Rules of the legal profession:

"Fees are set according to custom, depending on the client's financial situation, the difficulty of the case, the costs incurred by the lawyer, his reputation and his diligence".

Time-based fee:

The fee is based on both the time spent and the hourly rate, as determined in the fee agreement. The average hourly rate is 456 € V.A.T. included (380 € without V.A.T.  - no V.A.T. for non-EU country resident).

The "result" fee:
Calculated on the economic compensation or benefit awarded to the client. This remuneration is in addition to the time-based fee, but it may lead to a reduction in that fee.

There are ways to cover fees:

Legal Protection Insurance:
The firm recommends you check if one of your insurance contracts includes a legal protection guarantee. If this is the case, the firm's fees should be wholly or partially covered by your insurer, within the limits of the contract. This legal protection insurance does not in any way impact upon your freedom to appoint a lawyer of your choice.

Compensation and reimbursement of fees:
The Code of Civil Procedure (Article 700) and the Code of Criminal Procedure (Article 475-1) provide for the possibility for a court to order the opposing party to reimburse you in part or in full the fees and expenses incurred in a legal proceeding.